Curriculum & Instructional Design

The academic program at R.A.A.M.P. Charter Academy will prepare its students to meet or exceed the performance standards set forth by the California Department of Education. We will offer a rigorous curriculum based in the four major core content areas of English/language arts, mathematics, science, and history-social science, with special emphasis placed on mathematics and science. Students will also be offered courses in art and physical education, and other elective courses such as technology and health. Life and study skills will be embedded in the daily curriculum and classroom activities, creating a holistic educational experience for our students. All instructional activities will be site-based, with students in grades K – 8 grouped in mixed grade level cohorts.

The instructional design of the school was created based on extensive research surrounding the best practices for serving a diverse male population. This information was used in part to develop the school’s academic program, which is open to all students interested in attending, and features the following elements:

  • Academic Looping – the practice of advancing a teacher with his or her students for a period of two or more years…more
  • Mentoring and Multi-grade Grouping – by using multi-grade cohorts, both natural and planned mentorship arrangements will occur…more
  • Collaborative Work Environment – providing instructional opportunities that allow for social interaction acknowledges the affective needs of diverse students and increases opportunities for them to fully engage in learning activities… more
  • Understanding by Design – this curricular mapping method focuses on the desired results of learning and designs instruction accordingly… more
  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy – culturally responsive pedagogy uses students’ experiences as tools for building further knowledge, helping them develop a positive attitude about learning, a heightened self-concept, and pride in their culture… more