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Real estate Assessment Analysis Management Program

Date Driven Events

Don't limit your profits by forgetting important events. Use RAAMP to monitor your monthly tasks.

Lease Abstraction

Intuitive interfaces allow you to effortlessly abstract any lease. Clause templates and layouts get you from paperwork to reports in very little time.

Market Data Mapping

Create your own visualizations of demographical and comparative data. Assign your own fields and filter results with ease. Import from Excel and assign as many filters as you need.

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Notification Centers

Team Centered notifications allow your team to have the deepest level of involvement of key decsions.

Opportunity Tracking

Track potential opportunites prior to aquisition. Use RAAMP to handle due diligence and determine risk based NOI prior to investing.

Report Exporting

Export packets of lease abstracts and rentrolls. All reports are open with easy to customize formulas and macros. Their your reports; take control!

RAAMP was developed as an internal tool for private asset management. It was designed by a core group of analysts, property managers and CFO's. RAAMP is designed to fill the void left by other solutions with a cost effective and easy to use modern interface.

Key Features

Team Driven

Your Raamp account is a Team driven enviroment; allowing you to share information and manage your properties instantly.


One place to manage and research your markets. Store Market data specific to your needs or pull data from national research.

Fully responsive

Data shouldn't be limited to your desktop. Raamp allows all your data to be viewed on any device's screen.

Contact Information

We are only open to a select group of Beta Testers at this time. For more information please email:

Landrum Randolph